Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hum-ming About Cadillacs

Cadillac has several newer commercials where a woman (Kate Walsh, of "Private Practice" and "Grey's Anatomy" fame) drives her Caddy because she likes it. In fact, it turns her on, so she says. There are other versions of the commercial (Sophia Vergara and Lance Reddick appear), but the Walsh version is probably more popular.

The song begins at 00:20.

Band: Hum
Song: "Stars" [Get this song, opens in a new window]
Album: You'd Prefer an Astronaut
Commercial(s): Cadillac

There's Something About Mr. & Mrs. Smith

He has played several different roles, from funny man to evil, exploitative drug dealer, and has a distinctive voice, which he has lent to several cartoon shows and video games. He's also a hard worker; he's got 17 roles coming this year alone. My favorite line of his (from "There's Something About Mary"): "How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Actor: Keith David
Commercial(s): U.S. Navy (voiceover)
Previous work: "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and "Crash"

Yogurt and Pills are a Good Mix

Again… I'm told… This lady is just a sweetheart. Or at least she always seems to play one. I can't think of anything that she was in where she plays someone evil. The closest thing I can think of is her character on "The Riches," where she is a pill-popping neighbor to the Riches/Malloys.

She’s the alteration "expert" above.

Actress: Margo Martindale
Commercial(s): Yoplait yogurt (Dry cleaner, Out vs. In)
Previous work: "The Riches" and "Dexter"

Aidan Likes 'Apps'

Anyone who knows me knows I dislike abbreviating words, especially those that only cut out one syllable or letter. For instance: situation becomes "sitch"; all things text messaging; appetizers becomes "apps." That's where this entry comes in. It's for Applebee's Ulitmate Trios/"three killer apps." That voiceover you hear is Aidan Shaw from "Sex and the City," the TV version.

Actor: John Corbett
Commercial(s): Applebee's (Ultimate Trios voiceover)
Previous work: "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "Northern Exposure"
Bonus material: Video (opens in a new window)

Holiday In Living Color

She's generally a nerdy, almost-mothering figure. But she is mostly known for her work on "In Living Color." And actually, you might even remember her as one of the women in the divorcee circle in "Jerry Maguire."

She's the frizzy-haired blonde who stabs Jim Carrey.

Actress: Kelly Coffield
Commercial(s): Holiday Inn Express breakfast bar ("Pick Up"- WMV, Quicktime)
Previous work: "In Living Color" and "College Road Trip"

'Ees tha Go-leee!'

I can finally use that headline. Remember the entry for Shane West, the goalie for the Iceland team in "D2: The Mighty Ducks"? Well, this guy is the Ducks' goalie! Goldberg!

Actor: Shaun Weiss
Commercial(s): Captain Morgan ("Maxie Mixers are going fast"); Castrol GTX (engine sludge, extra napkins); V-Cast from Verizon (watching the Arizona-Colorado game from the ambulance)
Previous work: All "The Mighty Duck" films and "Heavy Weights"

It's Always Sunny with AT&T

I actually don't believe that, but it's a nice headline. Anyway, this March Madness, you'll probably encoutner these types of commercials a lot, where you see a clone of an AT&T customer making fun of him or herself. This particular one has a guy named Chuck shooting arcade hoops. This actor is Chuck.

Actor: Malcolm Barrett
Commercial(s): AT&T (Chuck shooting hoops)
Previous work: "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "Psych"
Bonus material: Will have something soon. The commercial just aired, so I can't find it yet

Monday, March 10, 2008

Go, Rilla...It's Yo Birfday

Craziness and head scratching abound with this commercial for Cadbury. I mean, a gorilla playing the drums for Phil Collins? I'm still baffled. Anyone with some insight as to why, please enlighten us all.

So, the reason this is posted is that the guy playing the gorilla here has also played a gorilla in the film "Instinct" with Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Actor: Garon Michael
Commercial(s): Cadbury (see above)
Previous work: "Instinct" and "Congo"
Bonus material: The G-Unit version (Guerilla/Gorilla Unit, get it?)

I cannot take credit for this connection. That goes to Firebrand. But damn if this wasn't worth posting here. Who doesn't love that song?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sex with Seacrest (??)

Well, not really. But you know that Scope White commercial with Ryan Seacrest and Josie Maran? This actor is the producer or AD getting Seacrest set for the interview with Maran. He was also Skipper in the early episodes of "Sex and the City." Hence, the title.

Actor: Ben Weber
Commercial(s): Scope White (Seacrest); FedEx (where the guy cannot locate China on a map); and Top-Flite golf balls (with Kenny Mayne)
Previous work: "Everwood" and "The West Wing"

Campbell Soup Ads

Any objectivity will be lost if I write more, so this entry will be short. This actor is the dude who loves Campbell Soup handhelds far, far, far too much.

Actor: Ryan Gaul
Previous work: "10 Items or Less"

The Pedigree Files

This one isn't too diificult, actually, but in the interest of the site, here it is. David Duchovny, of "The X-Files" fame, is the voiceover artist in the Pedigree commercials. I'd say he's doing pretty well with these commercials, too: Dog adoptions are up. Of course, it could be the heartstring-pulling pictures of these animals. Just look at that face. I mean, Echo is smiling he's so excited to see he might get out of the pound. Look at him.

I've got to stop. I'll start crying.

Actor: David Duchovny
Commercial(s): Pedigree
Previous work: "The X-Files" and "Return to Me"
Good deed of the day: Pedigree Adoption Drive

Chester Cheetah Gone Bad

Chester Cheetah received a makeover (he's now a puppet) and became a troublemaker. Not that he wasn't a little crazy in the first place, but now he's encouraging Cheeto-related catastrophes. Case in point: the handful of Cheetos in the dryer.

The Felicia in this commercial is actually named Felicia. Felicia Day, to be exact.

Actress: Felicia Day
Commercial(s): Cheetos Orange Underground - Laundromat (see above)
Monk episode: "Mr. Monk Gets Drunk"
Previous work: "The Guild" (appears online) and "Bring It On Again"
Fun(ny) Fact: Felicia's show, "The Guild," gets a short write-up in the most recent issue of Script magazine.

Hannibal Loves Frankie

There are four films* in which Hannibal Lecter appears. However, only one actor has been cast in all of them: Frankie Faison. He played Barney Matthews in "The Silence of the Lambs," "Hannibal" and "Red Dragon." But in "Manhunter," he played Lt. Fisk. We won't hold that against him, though, considering that Hannibal Lecter was played by Brian Cox in that installment.

In his other roles, he generally plays a teddy-bear father figure or some variation on a police officer.

Actor: Frankie Faison
Previous work: "Coming to America" and "Do the Right Thing"

*Technically, there are five films. However, we won't count "Hannibal Rising" because it was set when Hannibal was a child. Frankie's characters wouldn't have been born yet.

Sex and the Monk

Most women, and probably many men (including me), will know him immediately as Steve (Miranda's husband). But, ladies, in this episode, Steve had a grayish goatee. It looked kind of strange.

Actor: David Eigenberg
Monk episode: "Mr. Monk Makes a Friend"
Previous work: "Sex and the City" and "The Mothman Prophecies"

Xeroxing Cheese

She's been in a lot of TV shows, but more recently has been appearing in commercials. But mostly, she's probably more remembered for her "correspondent" position on "The Daily Show."

Actress: Beth Littleford
Commercial(s): Xerox (broken mute button) and Laughing Cow Cheese
Previous work: "The Daily Show" and "Drillbit Taylor"

Wiping Out in a Mercury

Sorry, I couldnt't think of a better headline for this one. Either way, she's the woman who apparently knows a lot about Mercury cars, and then proceeds to walk around or in between them. She also gets to give a physical to Taye Diggs in the following episode of "Punk'd."

Watch for her 24 seconds into the clip.

UPDATE: Jill is now the host of the new ABC show "Wipeout."

Actress: Jill Wagner
Monk episode: "Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month"
Commercial(s): Several Mercury car commercials
Previous work: "Junebug" and "Blade: The Series"

What the Shell?

He's been showing up in commercials for just about everything over the past couple years. As such, he bugged me because his name eluded me for some time. "Monk" helped change that. But because it was a bit part, he's still probably best known for all the commercials.

He's on the left.

Actor: Tim Kang
Monk episode: "Mr. Monk is Up All Night"
Commercial(s): Shell's quality gas/gunky buildup and Left Turns (also on the station signage); Cingular (one of which is above); Home Depot
Previous work: "The Mentalist" and "Rambo" (2008 version)

Carl Winslow

Ha! I'm hoping that headline was enough to grab you. Just seeing him on TV again, regardless if it was a bit part, was enough to get me excited. I blinked several times to be sure it was him. Carl Winslow, playing a remarried widow on "Monk." And yet, since I saw him in "Die Hard" just a couple days ago, I thought of him in that film first.

Note: Although most people would know him immediately from either "Family Matters" or "Die Hard," I still felt the need to post this, if for no other reason than posterity.

Actor: Reginald VelJohnson
Monk episode: "Mr. Monk and the Class Reunion"
Previous work: "Family Matters" and "Die Hard"

Notes from the '80s

She has been in several things, as well, but you probably know her best from the "I Love the '80s" on VH1 or random commercials. She's the cute one with blond hair and thick-rimmed black glasses. Kind of a blond Lisa Loeb, without the singing. She could be the voice of Karolyn Slowsky, too, but I'm working on that verification.

Actress: Rachael Harris
Monk episode: "Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa"
Commercial: Quaker Oats chocolate-covered rice cakes; possibly the voice of Karolyn Slowsky from the Comcast turtle commercials
Previous work: "Notes from the Underbelley" and "Evan Almighty"

Dazed and…Kind of Tipsy

My college roommates and I once played a drinking game where every time Mitch from "Dazed and Confused" touched the bridge of his nose, we would take a drink or shot. Significant time to devote to a hangover was necessary.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER--I am not recommending this game; it is only a story. Playing this game is done at your own risk. I'm not responsible for you. I cannot control what you do. I'm just a Web site, after all.

Actor: Wiley Wiggins
Previous work: "The Faculty" and "Waking Life"

Cottonelle Scrubs

I haven't been able to confirm this just yet, but I would put money on the fact that the voice of the puppy in the Cottonelle commercials is J.D. from "Scrubs." Well, the actor who plays him, at least. The voice is far too high-pitched and cartoony to not be him.

Actor: Zach Braff
Commercial(s): Cottonelle
Previous work: I think you know

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Here is a listing of all the actresses that appear on this site. (Yes, I am working on getting more actresses on here.)

Beckham, Liz
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Coffield, Kelly
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Day, Felicia
Erdman, Molly
Garcia, Joanna
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Harris, Rachael
Hoag, Judith
Joosten, Kathryn
Littleford, Beth
Lombardo, Michelle
Martindale, Margo
Micucci, Kate
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Schram, Jessy
Spencer, Abigail
Vergara, Sophia
Wagner, Jill

Walsh, Kate


Here is a listing of all the actors that appear on this site.

Alltel Guys
Barnes, Christopher Daniel
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Corbett, John
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David, Keith
DeLuise, David
Denman, David
Doyle, Shawn
Duchovny, David
Eigenberg, David
Faison, Frankie
Farley, Kevin P.
Farmer, Evan
Ferver, Jack
Finnegan, Christian
Gains, Courtney
Gathegi, Edi
Gaul, Ryan
Gonzalez, Rick
Grosz, Peter
Gyllenhaal, Jake
Hensley, Shuler
Huskey, Brian
Koehler, Frederick
Howze, Leonard Earl
Ikeda, Aaron
Jagodowski, T.J.
Jungmann, Eric
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Kennedy, Page
Kim, Peter Y.
King, Benjamin
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Levine, Ted
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McCain, John
Mehta, Ajay
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Parker, Steven Christopher
Poitier, Earl
Quinn, Ed
Reddick, Lance
Rocco, Alex
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Root, Stephen
Shafer, Atticus
Shawtraw, David
Smith, Sean
Sonic Commercial Guys (and Gal)
Starr, Mike
Stepanek, Brian
Stephenson, Bob
Stormare, Peter
Tudyk, Alan
Vaidya, Omi
VelJohnson, Reginald
Weber, Ben
West, Nathan
Wiggins, Wiley
Wilderson, Wayne
Weiss, Shaun
Wilson, Mark D.
Young, Marlon

The 5th Quarterlife

You know those crazy 5 Gum commercials? The ones where people are kept afloat by hair dryers or ball bearings? This actress plays the woman held up by the hair dyers, which represents cinnamon flavoring, for those interested. She's also hitting the small screen on "Quarterlife."

Actress: Michelle Lombardo
Commercial(s): 5 Gum (cinnamon/hair dryers)
Previous work: "Click" and "Quarterlife"

'From MrX' Marks the Spot

The Labels on your right include one called "From MrX." These entries are submitted from my partner in crime, MrX (did you have to ask his name, really?). He also possesses an extensive knowledge of films and television, but has considerable knowledge of the Academy Awards.

Anyway, just a heads up, in case you were wondering what that was. His first submission is coming in just a few minutes.

Peace out,

A Very Brady Mermaid

With "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway, my lady friend started to listen to snippets of the live recordings on iTunes. That, of course, lead to pulling out the old VHS version of the film. For me, watching this was difficult. Trying to identify voices from a film that came out in 1989 was hard. The only ones really noticeable was Buddy Hackett and Edie McClurg (the redhead who generally plays a nanny or demure teacher).

Anyway, long story short, Eric's voice was bothering me. It and the actor's name sounded very familiar. Then it hit me: Eric is Greg Brady (from the films).

Actor: Christopher Daniel Barnes
Previous work: Both "The Brady Bunch" films

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Election Crasher

Given that he just clinched the Republican nomination, it seems fitting to acknowldge John McCain. However, we're acknowledging him for his role in "Wedding Crashers." He and James Carville greet Sect. Cleary (ne Christopher Walken) at the beginning of the film, just before Cleary's oldest daughter gets married. Also, the film was on three times this past weekend on TBS, so it was fresh in my mind.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10 Ficuses or Less

Is that the plural of ficus? I'm getting the little red squiggly line under it. Either way, this guy is the operator that denies a car insurance claim because only ficuses are part of the guy's policy.

And he forgot how to drink coffee. Poor, unfortunate soul.

Actor: Bob Clendenin
Monk episode: "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage"
Commercial(s): Nationwide ("Was it a ficus?"); Become an Ex (re-learning to drink coffee)
Previous work: "Scrubs" and "10 Items or Less"

Subaru Rufus

Lots of "ooo" sounds; it's kind of soothing (oh--and the ooo's just keep coming, people!). Anyway, the guy that played Rufus (the home theater guy) on "Entourage" also is in a Subaru commercial, where he and his kid keep finding awards all over the place.

Actor: Marlon Young
Commercial(s): Subaru Forester (awards in the floorboards)
Previous work: "War of the Worlds" and "The District"

The Outback of Montreal

UPDATE: Either Outback has a couple different versions of the commercial, which is hihgly possible, or they decided to remove all likeness to the song below. A recent iteration of the ad has more of a jumpy, commercial jingle feel to it.

This is a new feature, so we'll see how this goes over.

The song used in the Outback Steakhouse commercials (the ones where Aboriginal drawings dance around the screen). Well, it's not exactly this song, but a play on it.

The song plays throughout.

Band: Of Montreal
Song: "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games" [Get this song, opens in a new window]
Album: The Sunlandic Twins
Commercial(s): Outback Steakhouse

I, Pirate

He was the redheaded pirate in "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story." He was also in "I, Robot," although you never actually saw him; he was the motion-capture actor who served as the body for the robot Sonny. And I'm pretty sure he is a master at voice work. I've always been convinced that he is from England (consider his accents in "A Knight’s Tale" and "Death at a Funeral"), but I was wrong. He's from El Paso, Texas. England, El Paso--at least they both start with the same letter.

Actor: Alan Tudyk
Previous work: "Arrested Development" and "Knocked Up"

Don Audi

You all remember the horse head in the bed in "The Godfather." It's so memorable, in fact, that it has been in homage many times in film and television. During Super Bowl XLII, Audi had a commercial where a man wakes up to find the front end of his Mercedes in his bed, a la the horse head. For some of you youngsters, that man actually was in "The Godfather," and he played Moe Green.

Actor: Alex Rocco
Commercial(s): Audi R8 (your front end has been whacked)--no euphemism intended
Previous work: "The Facts of Life" and "Smoking Aces"